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Reiki Level 1 Certification

Online Course -  Starting October 3rd 2022

Reiki is the universal energy that makes up the entire Universe – it is also known as prana, chi or ki.


A Reiki therapy is the process in which a therapist channels (connects) with this energy to do an energy healing.


Our energy is affected by everything that happens around us in our lives. These situations that happen either contribute for our energy to contiue to flow in harmony or stagnate it.


With Reiki therapy, a therapist can channel universal energy to allow the stagnant energy in the body to start flowing again. Energy healing restores all bodies – physical, emotional, energetic and mental.


Reiki therapy allows the patient to relax and heal. Balances the chakras, the aura and all bodies. There are also studies that have shown that Reiki therapy helps reduce pain, anxiety, insomnia and others.

Connecting with Reiki provides peace, harmony, happiness, healing, connection and abundance.

What will I receive in Level 1?

  • Knowledge of what Reiki is, where and how it originated

  • Initiation and opening of the Reiki healing channel through attunements by the teacher

  • Introduction to the chakras (energy centers of the body)

  • Learn to channel (connect) with Reiki to heal oneself, family members, animals and things

  • Meditations, exercises and Reiki techniques

  • Create a spiritual practice


What are the requisites to study Reiki Level 1?

There are no requirements to study Reiki level 1. This is the basic level and everyone can study it.

Where and when is the course?

This will be an online module course.
It includes:
- 4 pre-recorded modules (that will last for lifetime online for you)
- 4 weekly Live Google Meetings every Monday at 7:30 pm (Panama Time) - (will be recorded if you cannot join)
- Manual 


How much does it cost & what are the payment methods & plans? 

The cost of Reiki Level 1 Online training is $195 USD (one payment).

It can be paid by Yappy, Panamanian bank trasnfer or by Cuanto App (credit/debit card).

Multiple payments - $220 (four payment installment of $55 per month) - paid through the following link. 

If this is not affordable for you and you really feel like you will benefit from learning this, send me a private message and we can see if we can make it work.  

I want in! What do I do now?

If you are paying by credit card, just go to the links above, make your payment and you will receive an email from me with all the follow up info. 

If you are paying by Yappy or Panamanian bank transfer email me here


Reiki Level 1 - Online Modules: About
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